“Very professional and relaxed class. I felt really comfortable asking questions. Ms. Warchal is great!”
Amber S., Dog Trainer

“Thank you again for making the class worthwhile.  The CPR & rescue breathing was presented in a very clear, step-by-step manner.  Your constant reinforcement and soliciting answers and repetition from us really helped to reinforce everything.”
Delfine M/ Washington, D.C.

“Excellent, widely researched, well presented, comprehensive materials.”
Tara, Pennsylvania

“Merrill is a fantastic instructor, really made learning interesting.”
Irene K., Pasdena, Maryland

“I learned so much in our class.  I was actually telling all the things I learned to my husband and family just the other day…another great way to help me retain the information and continue to learn!”
Alexis, Washinton, D.C.

Thank you for an enjoyable, informative class. I am amazed as a long
time pet owner, 50 + years, that there was so much that I could still
learn. Your presentation made the class relaxed and easy to absorb the
Mary F., Fairfax, Virginia

“Enjoyed the entire class.  Merrill is an excellent instructor.”
Mary N., Annapolis, Maryland

“This was very enjoyable and I learned a lot to feel comfortable to provide CPR and First Aid to pets.”
Crystal S., owner pet sitting company

“Merrill’s easy-going style, extent of knowledge, and wonderful demos made for an excellent course.”
Nancy V., R.N., American Heart Association Instructor

“Very informative. Great class for everyday pet owners.”
Nicole N. veterinarian technician

“Great information for the average pet owner”
Tejon L., veterinarian technician

“Every pet owner should take a class like this.”
Dr. Lizel S., veterinarian.

Please note: pet CPR & first aid never replaces veterinary care.